Jun Jo

junpotoAssoc. Professor Jun Jo was awarded his PhD degree from the University of Sydney in 1994. For the PhD research, he studied Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation techniques, and created an autonomous design system called EDGE. Dr Jo worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Key Centre of Design Computing in the University of Sydney until he joined Griffith University in 1996. He has conducted many research projects in various areas including Computer Vision, Robotics, UAVs, Sensor Networks, Drones, eHealth and eLearning. He has published over 150 refereed publications. Dr Jo has organised the International Robot Olympiad event twice in Australia, in 2006 and 2010. Dr Jo is currently taking the positions of the Chair of International Robot Olympiad Committee (IROC) and the President of Australian Robotics Association (ARA). Dr Jo is also the Program Director for Bachelor of Intelligent Digital Technologies (BIDT) degree program at Griffith University, Australia.


  • 2019 – Chair, WIT: the World Innovative Technology Association.
  • 2016 – General co-chair, RiTA 2016: the 5th International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications, Beijing, Dec 11-14, 2016.
  • Since 2014 – Chair, Creative Technologies Challenge (CTC), Australia
  • Since 2009 – Chair, International Robot Olympiad Committee (IROC)
  • Since 2008 – President, Australian Robotics Association
  • Since 2003 – Director, Robotics and Computer Games (RnG) Lab
  • 2010 – General Chair, the 12th International Robot Olympiad, Tellebudgera, Australia
  • 2006 – General Chair, the 8th International Robot Olympiad, Southport, Australia
  • Since 2004 – Editor, International Robot Olympiad News
  • Since 2001 – Chair, Robot Soccer Simulation Committee, Federation for the Robot Soccer Association (FIRA)
  • Since 2001 – Co-Editor, FIRA News
  • 1997 – 2011 – Principal, Korean Language and Culture School, Southport, Gold Coast

Contact Details

  • Postal Address – School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, QLD Australia 4222
  • Work Telephone – 61-07-5552 8266
  • Fax – 61-07-5552 8066
  • Email Address – j.jo@griffith.edu.au

Recent Activities



A talkshow with the mayor of Sejong City, Korea.


Target building detection from drone imagery
Car type identification and counting from drone imagery
Deep Learning of Object Identification
Geostationary Satellite Image-based Bushfire detection using Big Data and Deep learning



Feature Detection, Description and Matching


Feature-based Object Matching


Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Seoul Korea, July



Multiple Face Recognition Once a face has been registered in a database, CCTVs or drones can share and recognise the face at anytime at any place.


Face Detection and Chasing The drone can detect and chase a target person.

drone-dancing-short D

rone Dancing International Visits: Chairman of Korean National Assembly, Korean National Security Research Institute, Peking University, Hefei, Dr Woosuk Hwang


International Robot Olympiad 2015.

Scale In-variance Face Tracking

Smartphone-driven Autonomous Car



London Sky NewsSmart UAV controlled by a Mobile phone


ABC NewsMobile phone and Vision-based Driverless Car


Google News Griffith University Robotics Group


The Telegraph Smartphone driven Robot Car